Revitalising existing cycling and walking facilities in Northampton

New cycling routes have reconnected local residents to the city centre and surrounding countryside
The challenge

Many of Northampton’s cycling facilities built over the last 40 years were unconnected and meant that cyclists and pedestrians were forced to negotiate busy roads and junctions. Many of the existing paths crossed the broad River Nene floodplain and were muddy and unappealing. Over time these paths had fallen into disrepair and weren’t used very frequently.

The solution

This project is a great way to encourage people to leave their cars at home, improve fitness levels and overall act as a greener alternative means of getting about and into town.

- Councillor Richard Church, Northampton Borough Council

A number of existing paths along the River Nene were upgraded and Northampton’s canal towpath was resurfaced. A new bridge was installed and two existing bridges along the route were restored in order to create safe, easy links. The routes were designed to provide multifunctional corridors connecting residential areas with local amenities, the town centre and on to Upton County Park.

The difference

The route is incredibly popular and is encouraging local people to walk and cycle more for their everyday journeys instead of using a car. 27% of people using the route could have used a car instead but chose not to. The residential areas of Briar Hill, Camp Hill, Ladybridge Drive, Banbury Lane and Upton now have a direct, traffic free connection with Sixfields Leisure Centre, Swan Valley, St. James and other employment sites and shopping facilities near the town centre.

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