Reconnecting local children with green spaces in St Helens

A fantastic new walking and cycling route has given local people a traffic free way to access a local beauty spot
The challenge

Previously paths across Sherdley Park were narrow and badly surfaced and access from the park to the local secondary school and train station was difficult with cyclists required to use a busy road. The challenge was to provide the infrastructure to support the active travel work happening in several local schools, bring more cyclists into Sherdley Park and enhance the wider cycling network in the area.

The solution

It’s good, it’s a vast improvement. It’s good for cyclists, it’s good for walkers, it’s good for the kids… my wife does a lot of running on it… so yeah… it’s good!

- Mr Davis, Sutton resident

The new route was designed to run from Sutton Park Drive through Sherdley Park to Sutton Leisure Centre, The Sutton Academy and Lea Green Station. Sherdley Park is St Helens’ largest public park, which spans over 700 acres of natural parkland and open woodland. By providing walking and off-road cycling access the route aimed to reconnect local people to the green space which has a children’s play area, beautiful gardens, a lake and an 18-hole public golf course.

The difference

People living in the two main residential areas within Sutton are now able to use the route to make everyday journeys on foot and by bike. The route is also helping to improve people’s fitness, with the majority of people using it saying they felt it helped them increase their level of daily activity.

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