Rebuilding a bridge in Workington after devastating floods

After flooding hit Cumbria in 2009, Sustrans helped rebuild a popular walking and cycling bridge in Workington
The challenge

In November 2009, Workington was hit by serious floods, resulting in the loss of the towns road and footbridges, including the only direct pedestrian link from Northside to the town centre. The damage cut off an entire community from its town centre, shops, schools and places of work. In particular the extremely well-used Navvies Bridge, the only pedestrian crossing over the River Derwent, was completely destroyed.

The solution

This bridge provides more than just a community link. As well as playing an important role in Workington, it will help the development of safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists across West Cumbria.

- Brian Hough, Nuclear Decommissioning Agency at Sellafield, the areas biggest employer

Sustrans built a new walking and cycling bridge over the River Derwent, offering an important connection between the community of Northside and Workington town centre. The bridge was designed to be resistant to future flooding by spanning the river without any supporting piers, which could be damaged by rapids and floating debris during floods. It is more than twice as wide as the old bridge, making it more cycle-friendly. Improvements were made to the route between the bridge and Workington town centre, with new flood-resistant path surfaces.

The difference

The bridge is a landmark monument that has become a lasting, positive memorial to the 2009 tragedy. The bridge has enabled local residents to quickly rebuild their lives by giving them back a safe and direct route into town. More people than before are now using the bridge to travel on foot and by bike for their everyday journeys.

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