A new walking and cycling route between Hamilton and Larkhall

Providing a safe route away from busy local roads has encouraged more people to walk and cycle in Hamilton and Larkhall
The challenge

While Hamilton and Larkhall are within a few miles of each other, moving between them or getting to the nearby attractions of Chatelherault Country Park and Strathclyde Country Park on foot or by bike was difficult. Existing paths were poor quality and became unsuitable in wet weather.

The solution

This is a great step forward for everyone that wants to get around the area by bike and foot. Whether you are travelling to work or just out for fun, a traffic-free link between Strathclyde Country Park and Larkhall is a wonderful opportunity for fresh air and fun.

- John Lauder, National Director, Sustrans

Sustrans worked with South Lanarkshire Council to develop a network of routes that connect the communities and makes it easier to access local green spaces. The Carlisle Road was made safer for pedestrians and cyclists by widening the pavement to become a shared use path, and the speed limit along the road was reduced.

The difference

The new route has given commuters and leisure riders in Larkhall and Hamilton a safe way to enjoy the peace and wildlife away from the noisy M74 in the Clyde Valley to Glasgow. Over 95% of people using the route do so because it is safe making it a popular choice for everyday journeys. The route is helping local people to get more active in their lives with more than half of people using the route in 2012 making the journey at least 2 times per week.

Want to find out more?

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