A new path connects former mining villages to Sheffield tram terminus and Sheffield suburbs to the countryside

Building new bridges across a river and railway to connect Killamarsh to the Halfway Tram Terminus in Sheffield, Rother Valley Country Park and the National Cycle Network
The challenge

The areas of South Rotherham, South East Sheffield and North East Derbyshire are highly populated but old lanes with narrow or non-existent footways made travelling on foot or by bike to the shops, work and school hazardous for all and impossible for disabled users. Despite this, many local people wanted to cycle and walk more and had been asking for a link between Killamarsh, the Sheffield tram and Rother Valley Country Park for years.

The solution

Previously the only route between Killamarsh and Halfway was along a busy road which was uninviting for walkers and cyclists. Now people have a safe new traffic-free route to help them get out and about with links to explore the surrounding countryside.

- Councillor Simon Spencer, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport

Key links to the existing Trans Penine Trail were developed to link Killamarsh to the revitalised Chesterfield Canal, the Halfway Tram Terminus on the edge of Sheffield and the Rother Valley Country Park. The scheme included building two new bridges across the River Rother and the railway line to west of Killamarsh, and around a mile of broad, new route with surfaced and unsurfaced areas for use by cyclists, walkers, wheelchair users and horse riders.

The difference

The scheme has reconnected communities in the area by providing direct, traffic-free routes through attractive green spaces. It offers the 70,000 people living within a mile of the routes a quick, easy and safe way to cycle and walk for everyday journeys. The link from Killamarsh to the Sheffield tram offers a pleasant 10 minute bike ride away from busy roads and has transformed the daily commute. The route also links to the popular long-distance Trans Pennine Trail, part of the National Cycle Network.

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