National Cycle Network impact

family on a cycle path

The National Cycle Network has played a key role in demonstrating the impact of investing in walking and cycling infrastructure. 

Since it was established 22 years ago, the National Cycle Network has saved the UK economy more than £7billion by improving people’s health and reducing congestion, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions - equivalent to almost £1m a day.

Our research shows that when you make it easier for people to walk and cycle, whether for leisure or for commuting, it has a positive impact on society.

Our research has found:

  • Almost 30 million car trips were replaced by people choosing to travel on the Network, meaning less congestion, noise pollution and C02 emissions.
  • People on foot and bike spend almost a third more in local shops than those who travel by car.
  • The Network saves businesses almost £33 million each year by reducing staff sick days.
  • The Network provides a return on investment that is three times better than some roads schemes.

The overwhelming benefit of the Network has been to people’s health, but it has also helped to reduce carbon emissions, positively impacted local economies, improved business productivity and supported job creation.

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