Making smarter travel choices in Southampton

A new boardwalk and connecting paths has created a traffic free route into the City Centre for pedestrians and cyclists
The challenge

The River Itchen runs through Southampton and created a natural barrier to travel. An existing riverside cycling and walking route was prone to flooding, with water often encroaching on the pathway, making it unappealing and unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists to use on a frequent basis. In the local area there was limited infrastructure available for those wanting to travel on foot or by bike.

The new route has opened up safe links between the main Campus in the north and the Oceanography Centre in the Docks, with more students accessing the area on foot and by bike.

- Adam Tewkesbury, Transport Planner, University of Southampton

A new raised walkway at Horseshoe Bridge in St. Denys was built with support from Network Rail. A unique structure was built on top of a wave wall, which was previously installed to protect the railway line from the tidal river. Now at high tide, the water gently laps near to the walkway edge, giving pedestrians and cyclists the chance to enjoy a peaceful, scenic route with stunning views over the Estuary.

The difference

The new off-road route connects visitors and local people to the river and sea, as well as providing a vital north-south connection through the city, enabling local journeys to workplaces and for leisure that were not previously possible. Schoolchildren have gained better links to local schools and the 8,500 University of Southampton students living in the area can now get to lectures on foot and by bike. Football supporters can also safely access St Marys Stadium directly from St Denys Rail Station.

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