Linking residential areas with key destinations in Merthyr Tydfil

School children can now cross over the busy A4060 on Puddler’s Bridge, part of the Trevithick Trail

Creating a continuous traffic free walking and cycling path is helping to get people active and healthy
The challenge

The Trevithick Trail was recently restored to create a walking and cycling path. But the trail, which follows the line of the historic tramway, is cut in two by heavy, fast moving traffic on the A4060 Mountain Hare Road in Pentrebach. This dual carriageway was considered dangerous and put off cyclists and walkers from using the trail.

The solution

With the increase in activity tourism and popularity for walking and cycling, it is fantastic to see a scheme of this nature which provides a safe, seamless route with the addition of promoting strong heritage significance.

- Derek Games, Heritage Champion

An iconic new bridge is the centrepiece of the Merthyr Tydfil scheme and was designed to create a continuous, traffic-free link from the residential areas of Pentrebach and beyond to local supermarkets and workplaces.

The route also links people into the centre of Merthyr Tydfil and into the Taff trail. The route and bridge were designed to enhance the local surrounding area and celebrate its industrial history with the bridge representing the cogs of Trevithick’s steam locomotive.

The difference

The scheme has helped the people of Merthyr to get around and access key destinations without having to sit in heavy traffic.

By giving people a greater choice about the way they travel, it has meant that many shorter journeys are now made on foot or by bike rather than by car, helping to cut local congestion and reduce carbon emissions. With the attractive and safer routes encouraging people to be active as they travel, the growing problem of obesity in Wales is helping to be tackled.

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