Linking Birmingham residents to local facilities

A safe, largely off-road walking and cycling route has provided residents in Erdington, Castle Vale, Falcon Lodge and Sutton Coldfield with an easy link to the green oasis of the New Hall Valley
The challenge

The New Hall Valley is a wonderful open space running through north east Birmingham and large enough to be considered as the countryside for local residents. However, connections from nearby communities to get to this green corridor were difficult. Access to local schools, Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield town centre and Sutton Park was restricted due to poor quality paths and busy roads severed the route along the way. Paths through this fantastic green space were only partially completed and much of it was difficult to travel through for walkers, cyclists, those pushing prams and those in wheelchairs.

The solution

The route offers a great opportunity for healthy outdoor exercise, for families to get out with kids, to travel sustainably and to get more people into our parks and open spaces and make them popular again.

- Graham Lennard, Sustainable Transport Officer

This scheme has linked nearby communities to the valley, providing access for schools, hospitals, Sutton Coldfield town centre, the enormous Sutton Park and, at its southern end, the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal Towpath. The route was designed to join up the open spaces and parks at Pype Hayes and New Hall Valley and to provide new crossings over busy roads. The route provides links to Warmley and other local centres and also a direct link across Rectory Park to Good Hope Hospital.

The difference

The route has made it much easier for Birmingham’s residents to get around on foot or by bike and is encouraging healthier lifestyles. It’s been a huge bonus for pupils, people pushing prams, those in wheelchairs, walkers and cyclists alike – enabling them to get where they need to go via the city’s fantastic green lung of New Hall Valley, without having to negotiate busy roads. People are now able to visit Sutton Coldfield from the surrounding areas without using the car.

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