An iconic walking and cycling bridge for residents in Cardiff and Penarth

The People’s Bridge has connected people living in Cardiff and Penarth and given them better access to Cardiff Bay
The challenge

The redevelopment of Cardiff’s waterfront has been a fantastic success, but there remained a missing link between the International Sports Village on the western side of the Bay and the town of Penarth.

The River Ely meant that people were forced to use a busy road bridge or take a long detour in order to reach one another. The lack of a safe route meant that people were more likely to make their everyday journeys by car.

The solution

Since we started travelling on my bicycle again my 3 year old has such interactive journeys, he says hello to other cyclists (who think he’s cute) and sees the bridge on the barrage let boats pass through. He gets so much from the experience and encourages me up the toughest hills!

- Amy Rebecca, local resident

We created a new circular route that completed the Cardiff Bay Trail and connected with existing and proposed National Cycle Network routes in Cardiff and the Vale.

A new bridge was installed crossing the River Ely between Penarth and the International Sports Village at Cardiff Bay. The route was designed so that people living in the Sports Village would be able to reach Cogan railway station, enabling easy commuting on foot or by bike.

On the Vale side, the route provided links into Penarth town centre and residential areas with scope for reaching further afield.

The difference

The new route has become popular with commuters, supermarket shoppers and leisure users of all ages.

Cardiff and Penarth are now within easy reach of one another on foot and by bike. The scheme has given people the opportunity to take a leisurely cycle ride or stroll around the picturesque Bay and the iconic bridge has become a beautiful national landmark.

Want to find out more?

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