Home Zone project helps communities redesign their streets

The redesign has enabled the community to reclaim and enjoy their streets.

The Dings Home Zone project brought communities together to help them redesign their streets, putting people at their heart and making them safer and more attractive places to live.
The challenge

The streets in this area were being used for parking cars and left little room for residents to walk or play. Residents wanted a better balance of road space use for pedestrians and to create a high quality urban space.

The solution

Artists were invited to join the design team to work with residents to create unique and distinctive elements integrated into the new street layouts such as gateways, seats and surface finishes.

People have welcomed the redesign, it looks so much better! I think it's a really nice environment to live in - especially for children. I enjoyed being involved in creating the many artworks around the neighbourhood as they reflect people's thoughts and memories of the area.

- A local resident.

The inclusion of public art to enhance aesthetics and a renewed sense of ownership through community involvement was a key element to The Dings Home Zones.

The difference

Working with artists in street redesign is an excellent way to help cement community identity, generate interest and inspire activity across the race, gender and age range of the community. For this reason, our Community Street Design team works closely with artists and local residents to ensure the community is involved in the process of commissioning and design of artwork to complement their street redesign.

We have an open and inclusive process encouraging discussion and exchange of ideas at every point – enabling many people to take part and ensuring ideas and designs are developed with greatest possible participation.

This was a partnership between Sustrans, the residents, Community at Heart (a New Deal area of deprivation initiative) and the City Council funded through The European Vivaldi scheme.



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