Hereford’s new city-wide cycling and walking route

A new route for cycling and walking links the northwest of Hereford, right the way across the city centre and out to the southeast, serving many different types of everyday journey
The challenge

The major employment area of Rotherwas Industrial Estate was separated from the city centre by the River Wye, the northwest was somewhat inaccessible and, between the two, there were some ‘gaps’ in the network of cycling and walking routes. Sustrans has helped Herefordshire Council to create a route out to the northwest, and is supporting the Council in plugging those ‘gaps’ and in creating a traffic-free bridge and route that links directly to Rotherwas.

The solution

The new crossing and route to Rotherwas Industrial Estate will offer a direct link to where I work, reducing the time I spend cycling past congested traffic and increasing my commuting time in a pleasant, scenic environment.

- Jon Harmer, an Engineer working at Rotherwas

To the northwest, Sustrans helped Herefordshire Council create a 2.7km long shared-use footway which links Credenhill in to King’s Acre, via Stretton Sugwas, whilst to the southeast, Sustrans is supporting the Council’s development of a mostly traffic-free route which will link from the Cathedral in the city centre all the way to the Rotherwas Industrial Estate. This link sees the completion of a new 95m long bridge across the River Wye.

The difference

The route in the northwest of Hereford helps people avoid having to use the busy roads in the area, and it links directly to Stretton Sugwas Primary School. The new route to the southeast will help commuters cut journey times to Rotherwas from what now takes around 40 minutes by car, to just 15 or 20 minutes by bike; even walking will be quicker than taking the car for those travelling from the north east of the city.

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