A great new cycling and walking route to a significant employment area in Swindon

Creating new traffic-free paths to industrial sites offers employees an easy way to walk and cycle to work
The challenge

The Honda Factory and South Marston Business Park were not connected to the Swindon cycle network. This meant that employees at both had to cycle to work on the busy Highworth Road. Traffic on the road is so heavy that some employers refused to allow employees to cycle to work. HGV and high sided vehicles made the journey incredibly dangerous for cyclists and South Marston Business park lacked even a footway to enable people to walk.

The solution

This new stretch of path is an excellent addition to the comprehensive network around Swindon, and has come about through brilliant cooperation between local businesses, Sustrans, the local members and residents and the council.

- Councillor Keith Williams, Swindon Borough Council

Sustrans worked with Swindon Borough Council to build a shared-use path alongside the A361 Highworth Road between Honda North roundabout and Vickers roundabout to provide a safe link to South Marston Business Park. A toucan crossing of Highworth Road was put in place to make it easier to cross.

The difference

The scheme has benefitted people who work at the employment sites in the area, providing them with safe, traffic-free routes for their daily commute. The new path means that now more people can leave their cars at home to get to South Marston Business Park, starting and finishing the working day with a healthy and exhilarating commute by bike or on foot. The new route features one of Sustrans’ portrait benches which commemorates three local heroes from the community.

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