Getting Worcester walking and cycling

A striking new bridge over the River Severn has opened up the city’s riverside and made it easier for people to get around Worcester quickly and safely on foot and by bike
The challenge

Busy roads made getting around Worcester difficult. Links between the west and east of the city were incredibly poor and there was no safe route between the city centre and neighbouring communities for cyclists and pedestrians. The riverside area of the city needed redevelopment to turn it into a focal point for residents and tourists alike.

The solution

The riverside is a very important part of the tourism industry in Worcester. We are experiencing a real benefit and I’m sure other businesses near the route have seen an increase in business, too. There’s been at least a 20% increase in our bar and restaurant sales and we also think the new route will increase our hotel figures in the future, as it brings more walkers and cyclists to the area.

- Steve Pirone, General Manager of the Diglis House Hotel in Worcester

Sustrans worked with local partners to install a new bridge across the River Severn near Diglis Island, which has helped to link new developments and footpaths at Diglis with Lower Wick on the western side. New paths off the bridge were developed to give direct, convenient access to residential areas. We also resurfaced the canal towpath from Diglis Basin to the rugby stadium, on the outskirts of Worcester.

The difference

Since its completion the numbers of people walking and cycling have increased dramatically showing just how important this was for the area. The improvements have opened up the riverside and made it easier to cycle or walk to work, to school or for leisure trips. Diglis Bridge has become an iconic part of the Worcester skyline and has been recognised by the European Greenway Association as an excellent example of good practice in design, technical execution and impact for residents.

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