Filling the missing links in the Test Way in Stockbridge

Developing essential traffic-free paths in Stockbridge in Hampshire has benefitted local people, school children and tourists
The challenge

The Test Way in Hampshire is a long distance footpath and cycle route that follows part of the dismantled railway between Timsbury and Andover. The route is popular with leisure cyclists and families but a gap in the path at Stockbridge meant that walkers and cyclists had to use two busy main roads to complete the route. This gap also made it difficult for local people to get from the north to the south side of Stockbridge and for residents of nearby villages to access schools and amenities.

The solution

The new path has offered the children of our school the opportunity to walk and cycle to and from school, which was nigh-on impossible before the path was built.

- Emma Jeffries Head of Stockbridge Primary School

Sustrans worked with Hampshire County and Test Valley Borough Councils to develop a cycle and pedestrian path alongside the A3057 and A30 main roads in Stockbridge. The path links to existing sections of route to create a continuous and safe journey along the Test Way. The shared-use path provides a safe link to the north and south of the town and to the villages close by, whilst also improving links to the wider National Cycle Network for longer distance journeys.

The difference

Many pupils are now using the Test Way as a safe, enjoyable route from their homes in Stockbridge and local villages to school. The route provides safer links with Andover and more people are happier to cycle now that the journey is safer. Stockbridge is a tourist destination and the path has enabled more people to visit in a sustainable way. It has also made the Test Way a more attractive option for longer distance walking and cycling, providing access to attractive countryside around the River Test and linking to other National Routes in the area. Stockbridge Town Council has noticed fewer parking problems in the High Street, as more visitors travel sustainably into the town.

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