East Leeds residents benefit from a new cycling and walking network

The new Wyke Beck Way links communities along a green corridor and provides a safe route to the attractions of Roundhay Park and Temple Newsam Park
The challenge

Traffic in and around Leeds is heavy, particularly at rush hour, but with little provision for cyclists and pedestrians the numbers driving to work or doing the school run was high. The Easterly Road was a significant problem with fast moving traffic making it difficult to cross. Leeds City Council were keen to get residents more active, but the busy roads were off putting and existing facilities didn’t adequately link up or take people to the places they wanted to go, such as to schools, parks and the city centre.

The solution

The new route provides an alternative option for people to experience the delights of this scenic route with the added safety of traffic measures. The new route will make journeys through North Leeds easier, and promotes the idea of healthy living.

- Councillor Richard Lewis, Leeds City Council

A pathway was developed to link local residents to green spaces, schools, shops and surrounding communities. The path now connects Seacroft and Gipton with Roundhay Park, allowing more pupils to travel to school on foot or by bicycle. The barrier of Easterly Road, an arterial route out of Leeds, has been overcome by the installation of traffic lights which are triggered by approaching bicycles and paths widened and given an improved all weather surface.

The difference

Everyday journeys through North Leeds are now much easier. Commuters have a direct, traffic free route that takes them into the city centre and avoids busy roads. Young pupils have also been able to take advantage of the new path because it provides a link to the David Young Community Academy. Local people interested in walking and cycling as a leisure activity, can now easily access Wyke Beck Woods and the historical Roundhay Park, giving a pleasant place to learn to ride a bike or take in the scenery. Overall the route has seen a huge increase in people using it, with 60% intending to walk more in the next year as a consequence.

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