Creating a traffic-free greenway between Leasingham and Sleaford

Connecting Leasingham and Sleaford with a traffic-free route and creating improved links into the town centres has encouraged local residents to travel on foot and by bike more often
The challenge

People living in Leasingham are less than two miles from the centre of Sleaford with its secondary schools, railway station and other local facilities. Yet local residents were put off making this short journey on foot or by bike by the busy A17 dual carriageway which acted as a barrier. The only way to cross the road was at a large multi-lane roundabout where the fast moving traffic was considered too dangerous for most walkers and cyclists. 

The solution

We walk along the path now and always remark on what a great initiative it is. It’s completely transformed the trip into Sleaford and we’re pleased to see so many people use it for leisure use and daily commuting.

- Pat Gould

Sustrans created a new route between the two towns: a traffic-free path from Leasingham, which runs alongside the A15, then across fields to a bridge which provides a safe crossing over the A17 for walkers, cyclists, wheelchair users and people with pushchairs. A continuous route with improved side road crossings then takes walkers and cyclists through to Carre’s Grammar School in Sleaford town centre.

The difference

Pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users now have a safe and direct route between the communities so that they can make everyday journeys and access local amenities by bike or on foot. The route has been a huge success with many people using it on a daily basis. 1 in 5 people surveyed use it instead of a car to access shops and other local amenities and local children are getting the exercise they need by using the route to cycle to school.

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