Creating healthier, more productive employees with Sustrans’ online Travel Challenge

The Challenge is Sustrans’ web-based interactive employee competition for cycling and walking. It allows individuals, groups or entire companies to compete for fantastic prizes, each logging their cycling and walking journeys online and contributing to the fun of the Challenge.

Vxl Power in Lincoln achieved an impressive 100% staff participation in their Big Cycle and Walk Challenge.

Whilst there were already high levels of cycling, The Challenge helped Tim McCann, Operations Director, get everyone involved. With over 1,200 journey miles cycled and walked by all 22 staff, Vxl power deserved their Challenge trophy, and active travel events and activities delivered by Sustrans.

The Big Cycle and Walk Challenge provided us with the opportunity and the incentive to encourage company-wide participation in active travel. I believe that the Big Cycle and Walk Challenge made us all think about and want to participate in, active travel.

- Tim McCann,
Operations Director, VxI Power Ltd

Delivered with hundreds of companies, the Challenge is proven to significantly increase the number of employees travelling more actively.

Challenge participants at six months report:

  • 55% increase the amount of cycling they do
  • 46% increase the amount of walking they do
  • 55% decrease in the amount of travel by car
  • the proportion of employees meeting the basic recommended levels of physical activity increases from 38% to 53%


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