Creating a great new network of cycling and walking routes in Norwich

New routes along the river corridor and into the city have led to impressive plans for a bigger cycling and walking network for Norwich
The challenge

Connect2 was delivered during the most challenging economic climate and this affected the Norwich scheme more than most, with a number of private developments south of the city being delayed. The challenge was to take this situation and turn it into an opportunity. Norwich City Council and Sustrans developed an alternative scheme to improve the walking and cycling network in the north east of the city linking residential, employment and amenitiy spaces en route. There remains the longer term aspiration to link Norwich residents to open space in the south of the city.

The solution

There has been such an increase in walking and cycling that Norwich is now one of the cycling cities of the UK. It’s great health-wise and it’s good to get the traffic off the roads where possible.

- Cllr Mike Stonard, Norwich City Council

Sustrans worked with Norwich City Council and developers to prepare plans for riverside routes and a network of cycling and walking routes connecting the riverside area to the city centre and other parts of the city including Lakenham Way, Marriott’s Way and Mousehold Heath. Works included a new cycle and footbridge across the River Wensum, improved road crossing points and a new path along Valley Drive Mousehold Heath.

The difference

The scheme has already transformed local journeys in Norwich, enabling people to cycle or walk on new routes across the city or to simply enjoy their new local facility, such as the new smooth all weather surface on Valley Drive and the widened path along Gurney Road that provides traffic-free paths from residential areas into the city centre. The new routes are proving particularly popular with less confident cyclists wanting to avoid cycling on busy roads.

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