Converting a disused railway bridge in Southwark into a vital cycling and walking link over a busy main road

Improvements in Southwark have made it easier for walkers and cyclists to access the area’s wonderful waterways, parks and docklands and has brought communities closer together
The challenge

Many people living in the densely populated area of South Bermondsey in south east London were put off cycling and walking for everyday journeys because of the busy road network and railway lines which separated residential areas from workplaces, schools, shops and open spaces. In particular, Lower Road made it difficult to reach the quiet paths through the old docklands area, and the heavily-trafficked Rotherhithe New Road made it difficult to access South Bermondsey station.

The solution

It is fantastic to see the old rusty bridge gone and a purpose built crossing put in its place. It is going to make a significant difference to everyone, pedestrians and cyclists alike, who needs direct access to and from South Bermondsey station.

- Councillor Barrie Hargrove

The main focus of the scheme was the conversion of a disused railway bridge over the busy Rotherhithe New Road to provide pedestrians and cyclists with convenient, direct access to South Bermondsey train station. The project also established a contraflow route through the Lower Road one-way system gyratory. In addition it involved building new paths and improving existing ones to create a network of cycle and walking routes from Burgess Park in Camberwell to Durand’s Wharf on the Thames in Rotherhithe and also into the Borough of Lewisham.

The difference

The new route has reconnected the communities once separated by the rail and road network and provided access to the riverside and family destinations such as Surrey Docks Farm. The bridge has transformed everyday journeys for thousands of local residents by shortening journey times and increasing travel choices. It makes walking and cycling easy and enjoyable options for trips to school, work, the shops and nearby green spaces. Direct and convenient access to the railway station and other public transport links has made it easier to incorporate cycling and walking as part of longer journeys.

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