Connecting Kenilworth and the University of Warwick

A new traffic-free walking and cycling route provides an essential link between local villages, the University of Warwick, Tile Hill railway station and Kenilworth town centre
The challenge

Kenilworth Greenway runs from the outskirts of Kenilworth to Burton Green and beyond. Previously it was un-surfaced and did not provide any connectivity to Kenilworth or the University. A new bridge over Coventry Road in Kenilworth links the route to the town with new routes to the University over open farmland and superb countryside. Local people could only use the route for leisure by driving to the ends but now they can walk and cycle the route and more importantly travel into town and to the University.

The solution

The scheme has been exceptionally well supported by people wishing to use the new route for local journeys as it provides a traffic free, attractive route between the town and the University. This is a terrific example of what can be achieved by organisations working together.

- Cllr John Whitehouse

A new bridge over the busy A429 forms the centerpiece of a network of traffic-free routes between the city centre, the University of Warwick and the village of Burton Green. The original railway bridge was demolished many years ago because it was too low. This meant that it was impossible to link Kenilworth with the Greenway by using the old railway line. The new bridge not only provides this link but also crosses a busy road and provides the catalyst to opening up the wider network of routes.

The difference

The new routes follow the former Kenilworth to Berkswell railway line to provide a traffic-free greenway that gives local residents and students the opportunity to travel safely with direct links to convenient locations. The new walking and cycling routes also link Coventry to Kenilworth and beyond to Warwick. There are many opportunties on the new routes to access education, the town centre for work and shopping and vice versa into Coventry for work and shopping.

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