Completing a vital missing link in the Conkers walking and cycling circuit

Completing a path in the heart of the National Forest has given local residents and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the areas attractions on foot or by bike
The challenge

Whilst many walking and cycling routes had developed in the area, they didn’t link up or easily connect to the nearby villages of Church Gresley, Albert village and Swadlincote. Many paths were narrow and muddy making it difficult to travel on foot or by bike between the numerous attractions in the National Forest, forcing many visitors to go by car.

The solution

Now that the circuit is complete (with the addition of the Connect2 link) it is a perfect compliment to the many other activities. The trail takes in so much history and heritage, whether it’s mining, blast furnaces, canals or, railways.

- Ann Davies

Sustrans worked with partners to finish building the final gap in the new five mile circuit of paths, completing the circular loop with a short but important segragated section of path alongside a busy road that links into residential areas. The route is largely traffic-free and passes through beautiful woodland and around a picturesque lake. The existing pathway was significantly widened and resurfaced to make it suitable for both pedestrians and cyclists. It is easy to follow, has only gentle gradients in places and includes selected loops for people wanting a shorter route.

The difference

As well as providing a great facility for recreation and exercise, the new path enables cyclists commuting between Swadlincote and Moira to avoid the heavy traffic on the busy B5004 main road. It also provides an off-road link into the Rawdon Business Park, near to the Conkers forest-themed attraction. The circuit forms a key part of the National Forest and has become popular for all ages. Its spectacular views have encouraged birdwatchers to bird spotting sites and the peaceful trails have become a common place for joggers and families.

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