Completing Chester’s Millennium Greenway and creating connections over the River Dee

An improved crossing over the River Dee and an extension of the Chester greenway has connected communities into Chester city centre
The challenge

The Chester Millennium Greenway and the Shropshire Union canal towpath are popular routes with cyclists and walkers. However, missing links in the routes meant that it was difficult to reach them from some parts of the city. Instead, cyclists and walkers had to use the busy and congested roads in the city centre and this put off many people from making everyday journeys on foot or by bike. Existing bridges over the River Dee in the south west of the city didn’t cater for bikes and pedestrians and were considered dangerous.

The solution

It’s the school holidays so I’ve probably used it everyday this week! It’s easy to get everywhere; to my friends house, to town, to the gym

- Charlotte Reeves (15), Mickle Trafford
The scheme involved developing routes from different parts of Chester to connect communities to the historic centre. The project built a 3km extension of the Chester greenway from Hoole to Mickle Trafford under the M53 and improved access links onto the greenway at the Deva Link Road and the Shropshire Union canal. Improvements were made to the routes from the Westminster Park area of the city via a new section of riverside path, whilst making use of the quieter Handbridge crossing of the River Dee.
The difference

Creating a fantastic network of routes by extending existing routes, developing new links and building a pedestrian and cycling crossing of the River Dee has made it possible for people living in Chester and nearby villages to walk and cycle for everyday journeys. 120,000 people live in Chester and will benefit from the scheme. People living in neighbouring villages are now able to cycle and walk into Chester without having to negotiate busy roads.

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