Community-led street design, Turnpike Lane, Haringey

A community-led street design project in Haringey that helped residents to redesign their own street affordably, making it a safer more attractive place to live.
The challenge

Consultation with the community revealed the area was suffering from a number of challenges:

  • high traffic speeds and rat running, which led to concerns over safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • walking and cycling infrastructure was disconnected and poor quality, with underused green and public spaces
  • anti-social behaviour concerns, with fly tipping and dog fouling an issue
  • residents felt disempowered and disconnected from local decision-making
The solution

What makes this project special is that it delivers a sustainable street scene that really benefits the whole community. We are now adopting this model for our own community streets projects.

- Nilgun Canver,
Cabinet Member for the Environment, Haringey Council

Community-led street design helps residents to redesign their own streets affordably, making them safer more attractive places to live.

The project took place between 2010 and 2012 and led to the creation of high quality public spaces that made the area cleaner and more welcoming.

Infrastructure improvements and better lighting resulted in a more joined up and safer local walking and cycling network. Over 40 trees were planted along the streets, electric car charging points and public art were installed with drivers encouraged to slow.

The difference

The project was runner up in the Local Government News Street Design Awards 2012.

A community blog for the project had over 17,000 hits.

The project focused on a neighbourhood of around 1,000 households and evidenced:

  • 23% increase in all traffic travelling 20mph or less
  • 34% increase in the number of residents who felt the street is a place to socialise.

Residents felt so empowered that, following the initiative, they created a campaign group to continue making improvements to the area.

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