Community-led street design Ashton Gate School, Bristol

Ashton Gate School in Bristol is situated on a busy cut-through road. The school approached us to support them develop solutions to the challenges they were facing. Community-led street design helped residents to re-design their own streets affordably.
The challenge


The speed and volume of traffic presented a barrier to those wanting to walk and cycle to school. This was all the more pertinent because the school is located across two sites meaning that staff and pupils have to cross the street at regular intervals during the school day.

The solution

Dad used to bring me in the car to school because it was not safe. I now come either walking or on my bike.

- Sam,
Pupil at Ashton Gate School
Sustrans ran a series of workshops and street activities with the school community to establish priorities and to generate ideas.

Our holistic approach allowed us to not only tackle traffic related issues, but also address broader community aspirations, including:

  • the reclamation of public space and the encouragement of more cautious and courteous driver behaviour
  • the creation of public art, with the direct involvement of the local residents

A modest budget meant the design proposals had to be innovative, low-cost but also effective. A surface treatment and tree planters were used to make drivers more aware that people would be crossing.

Residents and the school community have now taken on maintenance and ownership of the scheme including new planters.

Funder: Bristol City Council

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