Changing everyday travel in Dumfries

Sustrans has transformed a disused railway viaduct over the River Nith in Dumfries into a picturesque and popular walking and cycling route for the whole community
The challenge

A busy bypass was the only way to get across the River Nith and was dangerous for those travelling on foot or by bike. For the majority of local residents this meant that driving to work or to do the school run was often the simplest option.

The solution

The viaduct was the missing link. I feel so lucky having this on my doorstep; it has opened up the whole town to me. I used to have to get in my car to go to the supermarket, now I just head out with my dog. I didn’t realise how much we were restricted by traffic in our daily lives until we had the path; it’s so much safer and much more relaxing.

- Vivienne Mullett, Dumfries resident

Sustrans regenerated a former railway line in Dumfries, connecting two railway paths via the Queen of the South Viaduct. This has created a direct link for people to walk and cycle between the east and west of the town. The route was designed to provide a link towards Dumfries Railway Station and local amenities such as the sports ground. The project has joined together existing routes from the town, and now provides a vital link to the National Cycle Network to Carlisle and Inverness.

The difference

More than 25,000 people live within a mile of the scheme and are now able to walk or cycle to school, work or the town centre, benefitting their health and the environment. The route is incredibly popular with over a third of people making the journey every day. Connections to the Nunholm Sports centre have meant that more people are able to access the facility on foot and by bike and the route along the banks of the River Nith has become a popular leisure destination for walkers.

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