Changing Bristol streets

Bristol had places which did not feel like inviting spaces to move through, or to play and socialise in. We worked with communities to help transform their streets into safer, greener and more active places to live.

Imagine St Pauls

Delivered in collaboration with Avon and Somerset Police, we are working in the St Pauls area of Bristol. 

Through talking to residents we've been finding out what and where the biggest issues are on people's everyday journeys. We are now working in those key areas which were seen as the highest priority locally. 

With the people who live and work in or near these areas we will be designing, trialling and delivering solutions to some of the issues in the following locations:

  • Rosa Parks Lane
  • St Agnes Park (Tudor Road entrance) 
  • Grosvenor Road
  • Dalrymple Park

This project is funded by Avon and Somerset Police











Bristol Street Pockets

By converting one or two parking spaces on a street our Street Pockets project has been helping residents to change their local streets into more vibrant public spaces, while also remind passing traffic that this is a place where people live and to slow down. 

Using our innovative new street kit residents have had the opportunity to test out ideas before deciding on what permanent changes to make. The changes might include seating, planters, a community notice board, artwork or bicycle parking and a bicycle pump station. 

We have provided training and resources for people to enable them to take a leading role in changing their neighbourhood. We’ve been helping to organise putting the changes in place and making connections with organisations who can help. We’re also working with communities to investigate other sources of funding and opportunities to try and maximise the changes they can make. 




Street Pocket locations:

  • Belton Road, Easton
  • Cherrington Road, Horfield
  • Fulford Road, Hartcliffe
  • Shadwell Road, Bishopston
  • Stonebridge Park, Fishponds
  • Upper Perry Hill and Edgeware Road, Southville
  • Thomas Street, St Pauls







This project has been part of Bristol 2015 European Green Capital, and we’ve been working with Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Partnerships.

These projects were implemented with funding from the Department of Energy & Climate Change


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