Bringing Ballymoney together

A new walking and cycling bridge over the railway at Ballymoney has linked the town centre with a new network of paths in and around Riverside Park
The challenge

Walking and cycling links from the town centre to local schools, leisure centres and residential areas were limited. In addition, there was no safe link over the existing railway track apart from an unmanned level crossing, which meant that local parents felt uncertain about letting their children use it.

The solution

I think it’s a wonderful structure, at night in particular it’s a wonderful thing to see – it lights up the skyline. It’s a great landmark for Ballymoney.

- Frank Moore, Manager, North Translink

Sustrans worked with local partners to create a fantastic, traffic-free route from the leisure centre on the south side of town, to the town centre making use of beautiful green open spaces along the way, including the picturesque area of Riverside Park. An iconic, new bridge over the railway was the focus of the route and replaced the railway level crossing, connecting the expanding community with a more direct link to and from the town’s facilities. This bridge and its connecting network of paths has linked the north and the south of the town for journeys by foot and bike.

The difference

The new railway bridge and path network represents the completion of a vision for walking and cycling in Ballymoney town and is a fantastic facility for present and future generations. Residents and schoolchildren have benefited from improved access to the train station, local schools, Riverside Park and the leisure centre.

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