Bridging communities in Bradford

An ambitious project to revitalise the urban environment in Bradford has linked communities together and enabled safe, easy access to the city centre on foot and by bike
The challenge

The busy Manchester Road carries thousands of vehicles a day into Bradford. This dual carriageway, with a busy guided bus lane in the centre, is very difficult to cross and separated people living on either side. The only existing pedestrian footbridge was narrow, steep and falling into disrepair.

The solution

Linking both sides of the road which in the past has been very tough, the Manchester Road has been a great geographical boundary in terms of people doing things only on one side - it’s like opening up a bridge between the two communities.

- Charlie Burn, Bradford resident

We created a network of wide avenues for walkers and cyclists, which were designed to take people away from traffic where possible. We built a new bridge with a gentle slope to ensure easy and safe access for children walking and cycling to school, the elderly and disabled people.

The difference

The bridge connects communities either side of the main road. It’s now a main route to school for children who go to Newby Primary School, right next to the bridge. Those using the National Cycle Network for longer journeys now have a high quality route from Bradford city centre to Dewsbury. With more than 85,000 people living within a mile, thousands are set to benefit including pupils and staff from 3 other primary schools along the route.

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