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Economic benefits of active travel

This page lists articles that assess the benefits of active travel interventions in economic terms.

A cost-benefit analysis of physical activity using bike/pedestrian trails
Wang, G., Macera, C., Scudder-Soucie, B., Schmid, T., Pratt, M., Buchner, D.
Health Promotion Practice, April 2005, Volume 6, Number 2, pages 174-179
A cost-benefit analysis of using bike/pedestrian trails in Nebraska to reduce health care costs was undertaken, finding that every $1 invested resulted in a greater return in direct medical benefit.
Keywords: Environment, Trails, Economic Analysis, Community, Inactivity

Cost-benefit analyses of walking and cycling track networks taking into account insecurity, health effects and external costs of motorized traffic
Sæelensminde, K.
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, October 2004, Volume 38, Issue 8, pages 593-606
This paper outlines a cost-benefit analysis of walking and cycling track networks in three Norwegian cities, estimating that the benefits outweigh the costs by a factor of 4-5.
Keywords: Cost-benefit analysis, Walking, Cycling, Health Effects, Barriers, Insecurity

Utilitarian bicycling. A multilevel analysis of climate and personal influences
Winters, M., Friesen, M., Koehoorn, M., Teschke, K.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, January 2007, Volume 32, Issue 1, pages 52-58
This paper investigates the impact of individual and city-level characteristics on cycling in Canadian cities finding that cycling patterns are associated with individual demographic characteristics and climate.
Keywords: Cycling, Policy, Public Health, Urban Characteristics