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Sustrans says is a selection of our recent policy-related articles, blog posts and news.

Active Travel and Physical Activity (28/05/19) This evidence review was led by Sustrans on behalf of Sport England. Walking or cycling to get from place to place rather than solely for leisure or fitness offers a convenient and accessible way to build physical activity into our lives. Our new research provides an authoritative account of how, and how best, active travel can support physical activity. Carried out by an independent team led by Sustrans, in partnership with Dr Nick Cavill and Prof Adrian Davis, it assesses the current and potential contribution of active travel to overall physical activity levels.

One third of disabled people in UK cities would like to start cycling (06/06/19) The Inclusive cycling in towns and cities report, published by Sustrans and Arup highlights that women, older and disabled people continue to be neglected in cycling. This is despite the UK having a legal obligation through the Equality Act 2010 to protect everyone from discrimination in wider society. An estimated 84% of disabled people living in the UK’s biggest cities never cycle for local journeys, yet one third (33%) say they would like to start cycling. The significant interest in everyday cycling is mirrored amongst other demographic groups, including women (32%) and people over 65 years old (15%).

Children in Scotland’s poorest areas nearly 3 times more likely to be injured by road traffic than those in the richest (22/05/19) Sustrans Scotland analysis highlights that children on foot or bike are more than three times as likely to be involved in a traffic accident in the 20% most deprived areas in Scotland than the 20% least deprived areas.  The findings were shared at the Scottish Transport Applications Research conference by Sustrans Scotland Senior Policy Officer, Alex Quayle.

Sustrans Reaction to vote on 20mph (13/06/19) Sustrans Scotland is hugely disappointed at the Scottish Parliament’s rejection of the 20mph (restricted roads) Bill. Sustrans worked alongside many third sector bodies and charities to present evidence of the benefits of 20mph in making our streets safer, and our towns and cities better for people. This remains Sustrans position and will continue to advocate for 20mph as one of the best ways to improve places for people walking and cycling.