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Sustrans says

Sustrans says is a selection of our recent policy-related articles, blog posts and news.

UK Budget announcement - our response (29/10/18)

In response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget announcement, Steve Brooks, Policy Director at Sustrans, said: “When it comes to spending on transport, prevention is always cheaper than the cure. But sadly this budget continues to lock Britain into a polluted, congested future which in the long-run will cost the country billions.”

Changing the law on pavement parking in Scotland promotes equality for all (06/11/18)

Pavement parking, where motor vehicles are left on the pavement, has become such a regular feature of many Scottish streets that for many, it is just another urban annoyance, like litter. However, for others, it is an issue which seriously impacts on their ability to get to places, their physical and mental wellbeing and in some cases, can even put their lives in danger.

Our city centre parking problem (15/10/18)

This blog post by Tim Burns asks the question: is street parking in our city centres ever a good use of space, and what are cities doing to remove it? Tim explores what we can learn from cities and nations trying to make the most of our kerbside including Oslo and Japan.

Transport appraisal: a pathway to poor decision making? (11/10/18)

When we know so much about the damage that is done by big schemes to move more cars over longer distances more quickly, how do we keep coming up with these as a preferred solution? Andy Cope asks “what is the best way to make decisions about which transport schemes should be funded?”

Sustrans supports letter calling for the UK Government to fund and implement a Clean Air for Children Programme (24/10/18)

Sustrans has backed a letter from ClientEarth and the British Lung Foundation, calling for the UK Government to fund and implement a Clean Air for Children Programme.​

Sustrans responds to DfT announcement of review of Highway Code to empower pedestrians and people who cycle (18/10/18)

The Department for Transport (DfT) today announced a review of the Highway Code to update guidance on how road users should behave around people on bikes and pedestrians. Xavier Brice, Chief Executive, Sustrans, said: “We strongly welcome the Government’s review of the Highway Code. Sustrans has been calling for this in coalition with other cycling and walking organisations and it's fantastic to see the Minister take this on board and show real leadership in this area.”

What is the carbon emission reduction potential of active travel? (05/11/18)

Guest blog for Sustrans by Dr Andre Neves, Transport for London, Dr Christian Brand, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford and Dr Andy Cope, Sustrans. New research shows that, taking into account individual travel patterns and constraints, walking or cycling can realistically substitute for 41% of short car trips, saving nearly 5% of CO2e emissions from car travel.

Driving car dependency (07/11/18)

In this longer look at the Budget, Tim Burns explores whether the Treasury is laying the foundations for rapid urban sprawl across England. “When it comes to reducing the economic burden on the NHS, meeting the aims of the recently revised National Planning Policy Framework, the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, the Climate Change Act and our plans to improve air quality, the UK Government appears to be shooting itself in the foot.”