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Over two fifths of UK children worried about air pollution near their school (23/04/18) Over two fifths (43%) of children living in urban areas are concerned about the levels of air pollution near their school, new figures reveal. A YouGov poll, carried out for Sustrans, surveyed over 1,000 children aged 6 to 15 years old about their attitudes towards air pollution and the actions they think should be taken to help clean up the air.  More than one in three (38%) of those surveyed think that encouraging more people to cycle, scoot or walk to school is the best way to help to reduce levels of air pollution, while a further 16% feel that reducing the number of journeys taken by car would play the greatest role.

We must reduce air pollution near school gates (24/04/18) As Big Pedal 2018, the UK’s largest annual schools competition to encourage more young people to cycle and scoot to school launched this week, Rachel White, Senior Policy and Political Advisor looks at children’s attitudes towards air pollution and why their views on the issue matter.

London Council Candidates pledge safer streets for cycling and walking (25/04/18) Council leadership candidates are signing up to our safer streets pledge ahead of Thursday’s London local elections. Sustrans has received pledges from 20 prospective leaders and Mayors, representing four political parties and covering 17 of the 32 London boroughs.

Street Talks Podcast 1: Jon Orcutt on Transforming New York's Streets (25/04/18) In our first Street Talk podcast, Journalist Laura Laker interviews New York City’s former Deputy Director of Transport, Jon Orcutt. Jon tells us about his experience delivering change in the Big Apple, and his views what our capital can learn. He also talks about the role of politicians, campaigners and community leaders.

Reframing mobility to solve our air quality crisis (16/04/18) Air pollution is killing tens of thousands of people prematurely across the UK every year, with higher exposure effecting those in towns and city centres. This article in Government Business Magazine covers Sustrans’ report: Actively Improving Air Quality, which sets out recommendations from local authorities, public practitioners and academics on what needs to be done to solve the UK’s air quality crisis.

Key developments

Speed and Crash Risk (20/03/18) Report from the International Transport Forum Group of the OECD which finds that inappropriate speed is responsible for 20 to 30% of all fatal road crashes. The analysis confirms the very strong relationship between speed and crash risk and that higher speed is associated with increased occurrence and severity of road crashes. They call for 30km/h (20mph) speed limits in built up areas where there is a mix of vulnerable road users and motor vehicles.

Healthy Placemaking (10/04/18) The Design Council's new Healthy Placemaking report explores the attitudes and behaviours of built environment practitioners towards healthy placemaking. The report makes a valuable contribution to the evidence base, highlighting for the first time the barriers which inhibit UK built environment practitioners from creating places that reduce cases of preventable disease and early death. The report also provides suggestions for how these barriers could be overcome in the future.

Air quality statistics (23/04/18) A report from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs which summarises the concentrations of major air pollutants as measured by the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN). This release covers annual average concentrations in the UK of particulates, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. It also covers the number of days when air pollution was ‘moderate or higher’ for any one of five listed pollutants.

Measuring National Well-being: Quality of Life in the UK, 2018 (25/04/18) This Office for National Statistics article, forming part of the Measuring National Well-being programme, focuses on the main differences between age groups.

UK Environmental Policy Post-Brexit: A Risk Analysis (12/04/18) Government promises of a green Brexit have been cast into doubt by a new study that warns of declining protections for water, birds and habitats once Britain leaves the European Union.

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