Key policy developments

In key policy developments we present a summary of policy, reports and campaigns by government and other organisations.

M4 relief road: Newport motorway plans scrapped (04/06/19) The Welsh Government will not build the £1.6bn M4 relief road, First Minister Mark Drakeford has decided. He axed the scheme because of its cost and impact on the environment. Sustrans in partnership with other organisations and published by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales wrote the ‘Transport Fit for Future Generations Report’ which showed how Wales could instead transform its transport system by investing the £1.4bn earmarked for the M4 Black Route in public transport, walking and cycling.

Government ushers in new era of green commutes with e-bike Cycle to Work scheme (09/06/19) The refreshed Cycle to Work Scheme will make it easier for employers to provide cycles and equipment, including adapted cycles and e-bikes, worth over £1,000 for employees.

£6.8 million boost to help thousands more rail commuters travel by bike (14/06/14) Thousands of new cycle spaces will be added to rail stations around the country thanks to new investment in the Cycle Rail programme.

Cycling to school could become mainstream – but better transport planning is desperately needed (22/04/19) article in The Independent by Rachel Aldred et al introducing the new Schools layer on the Propensity to Cycle Website

Welsh Government announces £30 million for active travel, road safety and safe routes (09/05/19) Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport Lee Waters has announced grant funding for local authorities of over £30 million to improve access to active travel, deliver safer routes and improved road safety to communities across Wales. 

Progress in reducing road-traffic injuries in the World Health Organisation European region (08/05/19) Report in The Lancet (Public Health), someone is killed on the roads every 23 seconds and millions more are non-fatally injured according to WHO's latest monitoring report on road safety, the fourth Global Status Report on Road Safety. With 1·35 million people killed each year, road-traffic injuries are now the eighth leading cause of death overall and the leading cause of death for those aged 5–29 years.

National Travel Attitudes (Cycling and Walking) (29/05/19) Statistical Release from the Department of Transport based on the National Travel Attitudes Survey.  Two thirds of the public regard cycling as dangerous, despite government ambitions to increase the number of people replacing short journeys with bike rides.  The 2019 National Travel Attitudes Study (NTAS) shows that 61% of people surveyed see cycling as being ‘too dangerous’.

Employers encouraged to help their staff become active in fight against obesity (05/06/19) The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has produced a new Quality Standard on Physical Activity: encouraging activity in the community. Organisations are also urged to provide information about safe active travel routes to work, as well as producing physical activity programmes for the workplace to encourage employees to be more active and reduce sedentary behaviour.