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The Big Pedal

Big Pedal 2017 in numbers
children dressed as superheroes cycling

Children became climate change fighting superheroes on their school run

Two children cycling to school

Cycling, walking and scootering to school are great year round - not just during the Big Pedal

The Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge. It inspires pupils, staff and parents to choose two wheels for their journey to school.

The Big Pedal 2018 will run between the 23 April and the 4 May.

How it works

On each day of the Big Pedal challenge, schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling or scootering to school. Schools log their journeys on the Big Pedal website and are given a daily score to help mark their progress.

Healthy travel habits

During The Big Pedal 2017, which ran for two weeks from Monday 20 March until Friday 31 March, 1,693 schools recorded over 1 million journeys by bike and scooter. Well done to everyone who took part!

For more information please contact the Education and Young People Team at [email protected]