Who we work with

Bike parking facilities in office buildings


We help employers encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport to get to work.

Phoenix Trail art opening with Boris Johnson, National Route 57

We work with councils to solve transport challenges by identifying cost-effective solutions to reduce car use and increase low carbon travel modes. 

Group of children cycling to school

We work with Schools, Colleges and Universities to deliver active travel plans, improving student wellbeing.

Brainstorming barriers to walking and cycling

We deliver programs to increase physical activity levels through cycling and walking, helping tackle obesity and improve the nation's well-being.

Walking and cycling path free from road traffic

We offer expert advice to developers through design and planning on sustainable travel solutions.

Bristol Cycling City Health and Council leaders group photo

We provide strategic and delivery services to transport, environment and health departments.

Researcher conducting telephone survey

We have pioneered the development of monitoring and evaluation techniques for sustainable transport, we measure the impact of our own work as well as undertake research collaborations with consultants and academics.