Working in communities

We work with people in communities, workplaces, schools and universities to enable them to change their travel habits, cut car use and increase active travel.

We engage with individuals and groups; provide information on alternatives to the car and offer the resources, opportunities and motivation to try out these alternatives.

We’ve helped thousands of people throughout the UK to lead healthier lifestyles.

Our approach:

  • Our Community Officers’ approach is carefully tailored to a community’s needs
  • Barriers to change are overcome by addressing each person’s individual circumstances, considering all aspects of their travel behaviour
  • Close working relationships with local organisations and agencies strengthen community partnerships and build local capacity
  • Creative, tried-and-tested activities encourage participation and inspire change
  • Community Officers’ work can be tailored to specific audiences, for example, older people, BME groups or people with low activity levels

Results from over 20 projects delivered across the UK

  • 39% of participants did at least 10 minutes of active travel on five or more days per week
  • 48% of drivers reduced the amount they travelled by car by at least 1 mile per day
  • 98% of project participants said they would continue to walk/cycle in the future

For information on our services see how we engage communities.

To find out how we can help you, contact our community engagement specialists.