Designing for streets and roads

Cyclists on cycle path by the road

Sustrans created safe on road links for school children in Haringey

We know that attractive and well-connected, permeable street networks encourage more people to walk and cycle to local destinations, improving their health while reducing motor traffic, energy use and pollution.

Design approaches for cyclists along streets and roads range from cyclists mixing with other traffic without cycling-specific infrastructure, through a spectrum of infrastructure solutions which provide increasing separation from traffic, culminating in full segregation on cycle tracks with a verge or margin strip.


Streets and roads (draft), Sustrans Design Manual Chapter 4, 2015 (7MB pdf)





Our design guide provides key advice on methods to address traffic volume and speed reduction including:

  • Filtered permeability
  • Contraflow cycling
  • Vehicle restricted areas
  • Weight, height and width restrictions
  • Traffic calming
  • Mixed priority routes and shared space
  • Quiet streets, cycle streets and home zones
  • Community street design
  • Use of 1057 markings in shared traffic lanes
  • Solution on rural roads.

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