Designing and installing signage on networks

Cycle sign

Destinations and distances should be included on signs at frequent locations along a route.

Good signage is an essential part of any cycle route and great care must be taken when considering their design and placement. They must provide clear, reliable information and at the same time must be appropriate and sensitive to their environment.

A balance must be struck between sufficient signage and the visual clutter and maintenance liability that signing can cause. Surface markings may provide a useful alternative to post mounted signs.

Signing cycle networks (draft), Sustrans Design Manual Chapter 11 (1.4MB pdf)

Our design guide includes:

  • legal information
  • directional signs
  • instructions for cyclists
  • signing shared use areas
  • rural signs
  • thermoplastic and painted markings
  • diversions / temporary signing.

Other Sustrans guidance

Technical Note 41: TSRGD 2016 Cycling and Walking Changes (pdf)

Technical Note 05: Cycle Network Signing, Sustrans 2013 (pdf)

Other external guidance:

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