Community and stakeholder engagement

Community engagement

Stakeholder and community engagement is a crucial part of the delivery process

Stakeholder and community engagement is a crucial part of the delivery process. Successful community engagement leads to successful schemes that address the needs of users, stakeholders and the local community. We are experts in the field with over 30 years experience.

Our design guidance provides useful information on:

  • identifying the community and stakeholders
  • planning community engagement
  • engaging stakeholders
  • recording, measuring and reporting engagement.


Community and stakeholder engagement for infrastructure projects (draft), Sustrans Design Manual Chapter 13, 2015 (0.75MB pdf)




Find out more about our valuable experience of engaging with communities to find designs and solutions that work for them and their neighbourhood.

The first step when planning community and stakeholder engagement is to identify who you want to engage with. For an infrastructure project the community is anyone who will be affected by the project.

Then, when planning public engagement it is vital to be clear what the purpose of the engagement is, what has potential to change, how you will use the information you collect and the available budget/resources.

Successful community and stakeholder engagement will ensure:

  • The scheme meets local needs, addressing the real issues of the community and stakeholders.
  • The views of people affected by the scheme are taken into account during the design stage.
  • The local community feels they have an ownership of the scheme.
  • Promotional opportunities are realised during the planning and launch stages.
  • The wider benefits of the scheme, such as public realm improvements, additional green space, safety and improved accessibility are communicated.
  • There is increased support for future development.

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