Vision, strategy and planning

Bike Life Birmingham

Surveying residents in Birmingham as part of the Bike Life project.

We help organisations develop cycling and walking strategies and implementation plans that are ambitious, achievable and effective.

We have 40 years’ experience in both developing meaningful strategies and plans that focus effort and justify investment.

Why work with Sustrans?

  • We are experts: With 30 years of experience in delivering effective cycling and walking strategies and plans.
  • We work at all scales and contexts: from new housing developments to universities, corridors or neighbourhoods to city-wide change. We even work UK-wide through advising governments and the strategic planning and development of the NCN.
  • We are people focussed: We work with you to ensure you and your partners directly contribute towards, and own the strategies and plans developed. This ensures their delivery is supported and successful.
  • We are technical: we understand how to implement your plans to ensure practical outcomes, we can make the business case for funding and prioritisation to ensure best use of available resources and we have engineering and design teams to give technical advice and evidence.
  • We are a charity: we work to make it easier to walk and cycle through our role as a solutions provider and trusted, reasoned voice in public debate.
  • We innovate: We lead the way in developing and implementing cutting edge, best value for money solutions that get results.
  • We deliver: our greatest asset is our staff and they both deliver and bring enthusiasm and energy to every project in which we are engaged.

Our strategy and planning services

Our unique approach brings together expertise in strategy and vision development, technical planning, stakeholder facilitation and monitoring and evaluation, allowing us to create solutions tailored to your needs. 

Walking and cycling strategy and planning

We can help you to develop ambitious, evidence-based strategies. Strategies are linked to realistic, costed and timed implementation plans to deliver your vision. Sustrans can also support delivery through our own programmes and technical support, such as cycle guidance, physical delivery and network planning.

Business case development

Sustrans has unique expertise in modelling the costs and benefits of sustainable transport options, both in terms of standard transport appraisal methodologies (such as WebTAG, WelTAG and Scot-TAG) and other local priorities (e.g. local economic impacts). We can assist decision makers to compare options and identify priorities on the basis of robust information about costs and benefits. We can also provide technical assistance with bid writing.

Stakeholder engagement

We work with you, your partners and your key stakeholder groups to inform and develop strategies and plans. This ensures that proposals:

  • are fully owned by your teams and partners
  • identify strategic priorities and quick wins
  • meet available resource constraints
  • develop community-wide understanding and support.

We can engage stakeholders through facilitating a range of processes and formats, from one-off events and exhibitions to ongoing advisory groups.

Leadership support and development

Significant political and senior level support is needed to make sustainable travel an integral part of long-term strategic and investment planning.

With a proven track record in working with senior officials and elected members, we can help your stakeholders foster a better understanding of how sustainable travel can deliver local objectives around economic growth, well-being and quality of life.

We can offer a tailored programme of strategy and visioning events, seminars, full or half-day training sessions, as well as UK and European benchmarking visits and study tours.

Examples of our work

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