Community led design

We work to bring communities together to help them re-imagine and re-design their streets and public spaces so that they are safer and more attractive places to live in and travel through. 

Whether you are looking to engage a wide range of stakeholders in the re-design of a busy high street, or you want to empower local people to work together to improve their neighbourhood, we have the expertise and experience to help you. 

Our unique approach

We believe high-quality public space is an essential part of creating cohesive, happy and successful communities. We draw on the community's knowledge to design bespoke, memorable places that are responsive to local needs.

Together, we seek to develop designs that capture a sense of pride and ownership, ensuring the changes we make leave a long lasting legacy.

Our placemaking principles

  • Evidence and insight. We use research to better understand the cultural, social and economic context of the location, identifying challenges and opportunities. We analyse how people use the space to ensure our recommendations are appropriate.
  • Inclusive engagement. We build relationships with the whole community so that solutions are designed in collaboration and meet everyone's needs.
  • Interactive engagement. We create bespoke activities that enable people to interact with their streets and public spaces in new ways.
  • Gradual, phased change. We use temporary trials to try out ideas and demonstrate the positive benefits of permanent change.
  • Holistic interventions. We design and develop solutions that address both physical and psychological barriers to walking and cycling.

Community led design in action

In Barking and Dagenham we have worked with the community on a new design that has slowed vehicles down dramatically, completely changing the way pedestrians and cyclists experience the road.

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