Our expertise

Making it easier for people to walk and cycle

Whether you are a local authority portfolio holder focused on regeneration and keeping people moving to support economic growth, or a health trust professional prioritising increasing people’s physical activity levels, you face the challenge of delivering more with less.

Using our skills in behaviour change, community engagement and changing the built environment, we can work with you to:

•    Connect people and places
•    Create liveable neighbourhoods
•    Transform the school run and commute


People cycling alongside traffic

With our strong and wide networks and an ear to the ground, you’ll get access to knowledge and people like never before. A trusted delivery partner and a strong advocate for active travel, we have a lot of expertise you can draw on.

Our tailored solutions are practical and pragmatic, delivering your vision from strategic policy level, right down to schemes on the ground.

Because we work exclusively on active travel projects, you'll enjoy the benefits of working with well-connected people who truly understand this complex landscape and have the skills to navigate it successfully.

We'll listen to you and actively contribute so that you feel supported and confident in your project.

By involving local people in the design, delivery and maintenance of solutions we’ll work with you to build consensus and support the adoption of solutions by the community, and your project will have the best possible chance to be a success.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that our work has the interests of the end user at heart.

Navigating the evidence base and making the business case for walking and cycling is the starting point for achieving change. We've been helping clients develop active travel strategy and policy for decades, and have successfully delivered innovative infrastructure and behaviour change solutions that resonate with clients, local communities and strategic partners.

We’re committed to sharing our expertise with you and transforming standards across the sector.

Our position as a charity means we can dare to dream big and be a critical friend at the same time. Our solutions are practical with proven impact and you can be confident that our work will deliver positive change.

As custodians of the National Cycle Network and 40 years of experience behind us, your investment in walking and cycling will be proven to be an efficient and effective use of funding.

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With over 30 years of pioneering experience across the UK, our multidisciplinary teams develop and implement innovative solutions.

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