Workplace active travel

If you want to change your workplace’s approach to cycling, walking and public transport but don’t know where to start then we can help. The following case studies showcase how our workplace active travel planning services have helped improve health and wellbeing in the workforce, reduce traffic congestion and save money.

jobseekers in derby get access to bikes for work

In 2012, Derby City Council were awarded a grant of £4.9 million by the Department of Transport through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund - £1.85 million in capital funding and £3.1 million for revenue projects.

We were commissioned to deliver Bike It Jobseekers to enable access to employment – the first time this approach had been piloted in the UK.

Unilever employees with their bikes

Unilever in Leeds has been working with Sustrans to get more staff actively commuting to work. Petra Smith, Quality and Innovation Manager, sees the benefits of active travel to both staff and the business.

"We want to encourage people to take more care of themselves, and there are definitely more people cycling to work now, and in their leisure time."

Cobalt Business Park employees attending cycling lesson

Sustrans worked over a three year period with Cobalt Business Park in the North East of England to remove the barriers to sustainable commuting, reduce congestion and increase workplace health and productivity.

The project achieved 520 fewer sick days per year, equating to £125,320 of accumulative savings for the business park per year.

Edinburgh Fringe performers take the workplace journey challenge

The Edinburgh Fringe Society got 100% of their employees involved in the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge, an online competition in which participants log their sustainable and active journeys to work.

Together they clocked up 1,974 active and sustainable journeys.