Community street design

The following case studies are examples of our community-led design services, demonstrating our work in bringing communities together to help them re-imagine and re-design their streets and public spaces so that they are safer and more attractive places to live in and travel through. 

Dunblane Stirling High Street after redesign

Sustrans Scotland and Stirling Council worked with the local community and businesses to reimagine the approach to the towns' railway station, to create a space that feels more welcoming, is people friendly and inclusive.

The ambitious project aimed to transform Stirling Road, linking the High Street to the railway station, into a place for people to visit, enjoy and travel slowly through. Read more.

We have delivered a two-year project in Marks Gate in East London combining community-led street design, behaviour change and infrastructure improvements to increase opportunities for walking and cycling whilst creating a lively and more people-centred environment. Read more.

Residents consultation Rolt Street redesign

We were commissioned to deliver on a community-led design project which set out to link Rolt Street in Deptford with Folkestone Gardens, the neighbouring park, creating a safer environment and helping the whole community make healthier travel choices.

The project was commissioned by the London Borough of Lewisham and was developed in partnership with park user group Deptford Folk and the local community. Read more.