Active travel to school

Through our travel behaviour change for schools services we work with teachers, parents and governors to help get more people active on the journey to and from school. In additon to our suggested programme and top tips for events, activities and lessons to inspire more journeys by foot, bike or scooter, we work with communities to redesign the streets around the school to help more people travel actively.

Fangley school pupils learning to ride bikes

Bradford had one of the biggest childhood deprivation and obesity rates in the country. Working with Bradford Metropolitan District Council's Public Health team, we developed a programme of cycling and walking in 16 target schools to get 4,230 children moving in order to tackle obesity.

Cale Green school children on bikes Increasing levels of activity on the journey to school

Cale Green has worked with Sustrans since 2011. During that period, our officers have worked to increase physical activity levels amongst their pupils through walking, cycling and scooting.

With the support of a dedicated school’s officer, pupils have participated in a wide range of activities all aimed at engaging and empowering children, parents and staff to lead more active lifestyles.

pupils learning about the importance of being physically active

Our active travel officers are giving young people, parents and staff the confidence, enthusiasm and skills to travel by active means to schools and colleges in Devon.

To date, our officers have improved the awareness of safety in hundreds of pupils in ten schools through workshops and events that promote the importance of wearing highly visible clothing while cycling and walking to school.

Sefton school pupils on cycle training sessions

In 2008 Sefton won almost £2 million to become a Cycle Town and boost cycling levels to European levels through improving infrastructure and travel behaviour change programmes in the community. In particular, they wanted to boost the number of children travelling to school by bike. 

The programme resulted in 17% of children always cycling to school and 51% of children sometimes cycling to school.

pupil big pedal participant

The historic city of York has always attracted a higher than average number of people on bicycles, but car travel and traffic congestion continues to rise.

Parents driving the school run are a major part of the problem. Since 2009 iTravel York has employed us to work with 40 schools throughout the city to help get more children and parents cycling and walking their daily journeys.