Active travel to school and work

Through our travel behaviour change for schools services we work with teachers, parents and governors to help get more people active on the journey to and from school. We also work with communities to redesign the streets around the school to help more people travel actively.

If you want to change your workplace’s approach to cycling, walking and public transport but don’t know where to start we can help. The following case studies showcase how our workplace active travel planning services have helped improve health and wellbeing in the workforce, reduce traffic congestion and save money.

pupil big pedal participant

The historic city of York has always attracted a higher than average number of people on bicycles, but car travel and traffic congestion continues to rise.

Parents driving the school run are a major part of the problem. Since 2009 iTravel York has employed us to work with 40 schools throughout the city to help get more children and parents cycling and walking their daily journeys.

The DVLA's travel plan offers a number of alternatives to single occupancy car travel, promoting cycling and walking as an integral part of the offer.