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Case studies

The HUB has been helping over 20,000 people in the most deprived, unhealthy areas to get more physical activity in their daily lives through sustainable travel.

In 2008 we brought a pioneering bike hire scheme to the UK for the first time to encourage cycling and walking at Leeds universities to help reduce traffic and car parking and improve health of students and staff.

pupils travelling habits to school - survey

The Hands Up Scotland Survey is crucial in helping local authorities and partners build an accurate picture of pupils’ daily travel habits to and from school.

The impartial and robust results provide a solid basis for policy makers to formulate their plans around active travel.

Residents in front of Dunstable Travel Choices Hub

The Dunstable Travel Choices Hub was created to relieve congestion and facilitate growth, improve access to employment, promote sustainable and active travel and engage the community.

The Hub has reduced car journeys by a third and is estimated to generate £1.7 million for the economy over 10 years.

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