Published: 17th MARCH 2022

Cycle training in Northern Ireland

As more people are taking up cycling for the first time or getting back on their bikes, there is a greater need than ever to ensure all those travelling by bike have the skills and confidence to cycle safely. Sustrans provide a range of training packages that can help everyone learn to cycle safely and confidently on their local shared paths or roads.

A group of people on bikes take part in cycle training at CS Lewis Square.

We offer a range of cycle training packages throughout Northern Ireland.

We can provide cycle training and packages to a range of groups including:



Employees who cycle to work are healthier, happier, more productive and have less absenteeism.

We have a number of training modules suitable for employees:

  • Pedal Ready - Learn to ride with control in a traffic-free setting, National Standard Level 1.
  • All Things Bike - Plan your commute route, locks, lights, luggage and more.
  • Bike Fix Basics - Cleaning, maintenance, diagnose faults and puncture repair.
  • On-road Cycle Training (Foundation) – Ride with confidence on quieter residential roads, National Standard Level 2.
  • On-road Cycle Training (Advanced) - Riding safely and with confidence on arterial roads, multi-lane roads, roundabouts and bus lanes, National Standard Level 3.

Full-day, half-day or single sessions are available.

Contact us for more information or to book sessions for your workplace.



Do you drive as part of your job? Are you unsure how you should drive around people who cycle?

We offer two programmes led by qualified instructors that will ensure we all stay safe on the road.

  • Cycle Awareness - Half-day practical course on bikes to both experience cycling on roads and to raise awareness of how to drive safely when sharing roads with people cycling.
  • Sustainable Urban Driving (SUD) - One day course in partnership with Driver Hire UK where drivers will learn the needs of pedestrians and cyclists. The day is split with a half day of theory and a half day of cycling. SUD counts as one day driver’s CPC.

Contact us for more information or to book one of our driver courses.


Learning to cycle from a young age sets children up for a future of active travel. Our team can visit the school and provide training to the pupils.

  • Cycle training Level 1 (up to 32 pupils a day)
  • Cycle training Level 1&2 (16 pupils over 3 days)
  • Additional sessions can be discussed when booking

Contact us for more information or to book one of our schools sessions.

Other groups and people

We offer cycle training programmes to other groups including:

  • Youth groups
  • Community groups 
  • People with disabilities (we also have a side-by-side bike available for inclusive cycling)
  • Private individuals seeking one-to-one sessions.

Read how Graham got back in the saddle after our partnership with Brain Injury Matters.


Book with confidence

All our cycling instructors are fully qualified to National Standard. We ensure our instructors all have Access NI clearance, first aid training and receive regular Continuous Professional Development courses.


Contact our Cycle Training Team for more information about courses or costs.


Discover the benefits of being a cycle-friendly employer.

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