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Cyclist in bus lane followed by car in rush hour

Picture showing correct position of cyclist in a traffic lane and restrictions for overtaking by a motorist.

Pedestrians and cyclists on a bridge

Photo credit:Brian Morrison/Sustrans

Colleagues at a bike hire point in Belfast

Photo credit:Brian Morrison/Sustrans

We have just objected to the Department for Infrastructure's latest consultation on a trial for all private hire taxis in bus lanes. See response below.

Earlier this year in January we responded to a consultation by the Department for Infrastructure on the operating hours of the bus lanes for the forthcoming Belfast Rapid Transit system, or Glider. We support the 12 hour operating times for bus lanes to ensure the new public transport system is efficient. We are opposed to all private taxis being allowed to use bus lanes. Our argument is set out below.

We have also been working to influence the Belfast Bicycle Network Plan which is being consulted on by the Department for Infrastructure. You can read the proposals and our response in the table below.

Sustrans published the Belfast Bike Life report in November 2017 which showed overwhelming support from the public for protected cycle lanes to encourage more people to cycle. The report provides useful data on the state of cycling in Belfast which is one of seven cities taking part across the UK. We also more recently published a report on the Gender Gap on cycling which shows men outnumber women cycling Belfast by nearly 3 to 1

Bike Life Belfast

Sustrans calls for safe routes to schools in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Assembly

Our overall policy work is to ensure the Northern Ireland Assembly delivers policies and projects that make it easier for more people to walk and cycle. We want to see safe routes to schools, safer joined-up cycle networks and better planning to encourage more people to travel actively. We are keen to see the Assembly get back up and running and are concerned that it has not sat for over a year.

You can read our response to the Draft Programme for Government 2016-2021.

Download the Sustrans' Northern Ireland Manifesto PDF [445KB]


Policy submissions

Northern Ireland Future Agricultural Policy Framework (DAERA) Sustrans response Oct 2018
Experimental Traffic Control Scheme (Taxis in Bus Lanes) 2018 Sustrans response July 2018
Briefing on Northern Ireland Budgetary Outlook 2018-2020 Sustrans response Jan 2018
Consultation on Graduated Driver Licensing and changes to the Practical Driving Test Sustrans response Jan 2018

The Bus Lanes (Belfast Rapid Transit, East and West Corridors) Order 2018 and The Bus Lanes (Belfast City Centre) Order (Northern Ireland) 2018 - Dept for Infrastructure

Sustrans response Jan 2018
Taxis in Bus Lanes - Trial on Belfast Rapid Transit Routes - Department for Infrastructure 

Joint response from Sustrans, Cycling UK & Bikefast

Sustrans response

June 2017
Draft Belfast Bicycle Network 2017 consultation - Department for Infrastructure Sustrans response April 2017
Public Health Agency Draft Corporate Plan 2017-21 Sustrans response Feb 2017
Draft car parking strategy and action plan - Belfast City Council Sustrans response November 2016
Draft Programme for Government Framework 2016-2021 Sustrans response July 2016
Department for Infrastructure: Consultation on proposals to introduce new regulations to exempt certain electrically assisted pedal cycles (E-bikes) from certain vehicle and driver licensing requirements Sustrans response May 2016
Department of the Environment: Proposals for taking forward NI climate change legislation - discussion paper Sustrans response January 2016
Belfast City Council Air Quality Action Plan 2016 - 2020 Sustrans response August 2015
Belfast City Centre Regeneration Strategy and Investment Framework Sustrans response April 2015
DRDNI: Draft Bicycle Strategy for Northern Ireland Sustrans response November 2014
Independent Review of Home to School Transport Sustrans response April 2014
Delivering Social Change for Children and Young People Sustrans response April 2014

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