Accessories for spring bike touring

A female cycling through a field during the early evening

©Cog + Wheel

A female cyclist looking out over a beach on a sunny day

©Cog + Wheel

With spring in full swing, it’s time to get out and explore some of the best routes on the National Cycle Network. Here are a few accessories that are perfect for spring bike touring. 

1.    Bike Panniers

Bike panniers are a great way to carry all your belongings safely. Instead of loading up your pockets or rucksack, pop your belongings in a pannier for a more comfortable ride. We have a couple of designs in the Sustrans shop that range from £40-£100.

2.    Waterproof Jacket

Although spring is here and we are heading towards summer it’s always a good idea to pack a waterproof jacket as you never know when you may get caught out in those infamous spring showers! A good jacket will keep you warm, dry and protect you from the wind. We’ve got a range of jackets available in our shop that are perfect for spring touring.

3.    Sustainable travel mug

If you are thinking of packing a picnic, don’t forget to pack your sustainable mug! Forget the plastic and pack one of our fabulous enamel mugs designed exclusively for Sustrans by Somerset-based illustrator and designer Harriet Birt. Park up your bike and enjoy a warming cuppa on your cycle ride. 

4.    Portable speakers

If you are making a day of it and including a picnic stop on your cycle route then a portable speaker is the perfect accessory.  You can buy a range of different sized and priced portable speakers and they are incredibly easy to transport in those panniers. There's nothing better than enjoying the stunning views across the Network while listening to some of your favourite tunes. 

5.    Map

For all the wonders of modern technology, it’s not always reliable. If your device runs out of battery, you might not get far without a map, unless you are cycling a familiar national cycle network route. We have a range of maps in our Sustrans shop, so why not try one out and find a perfect spring cycling route near you?

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