You can help bring new Cycle Superhighway 4 to London

Cyclists on London's Cycle Superhighway 7 outside Kennington Oval

The Rotherhithe Roundabout could get a safety overhaul, like the junction outside Kennington Oval picture

Computer Generated Image of how Jamaica Road might look with the Cycle Superhighway, included a segregated cycle way.

How Jamaica Road could look outside Bermondsey Station © TfL

Bird's view of London street with cyclists

How part of Hammersmith Gyratory and Hammersmith Road could look © TfL

CGI of how the Rotherhithe Roundabout may look after Cycle Superhighway 4 is constructed

How the Rotherhithe Roundabout would be overhauled to protect people on foot or cycling © TfL

1 November 2017

Two brand new cycle superhighways are on the cards for London. They will make cycling safer and easier for those already cycling in London, as well as help thousands more discover the joys and convenience of cycling.

They could feature fully separated cycle tracks like those on the Embankment or Blackfriars Bridge, along with a range of improved pedestrian crossings. But the plans need your support to get the go ahead.

Consultation on Cycle Superhighway 4 for South East London is still open until the 17th November. Here’s what it is and how you can help make it happen.

Brand new Cycle Superhighways proposed for West and South-east London

The Mayor is consulting on designs for two new superhighway routes, Superhighways 9 and 4.

Connecting Kensington Olympia to Brentford, Cycle Superhighway 9 could introduce six kilometres of Dutch-style segregated cycle track on the A315. Elsewhere it will follow two streets where through-traffic will be reduced, creating a much safer and quieter street for all.

In South-east London, running all the way from Tower Bridge to Greenwich, Cycle Superhighway 4 could initially add four kilometres of protected cycle track along the A200 with a view to adding much more along Lower Road in future. The Mayor’s proposals even include overhauling the Rotherhithe Roundabout, which has long been on the target list of danger spots.

Together, the two Cycle Superhighways will add a further 10 kilometres of protected space for people cycling in London – particularly if you live in Hounslow, Hammersmith and Fulham, Southwark, Lewisham or Greenwich. This goes part of the way toward fulfilling the Mayor's commitments to the London Cycle Campaign.

On top of that, the plans include improvements to over 40 pedestrian crossings and installation of 10 new pedestrian crossings with safer traffic light signals, making these streets easier to cross.

What you can do

Consultation on South-east London’s Tower Bridge to Greenwich Cycle Superhighway 4 is now closed (19 November) and Consultation on Cycle Superhighway 9 is now closed (31 October) - thank you to the hundreds of you who gave your support.

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